I am a Brand Manager and  Graphic Designer with a degree from Portland State University in design and advertising. I'm currently working at the advertising agency, Coates Kokes, located in downtown Portland. I also freelance with local clients and have created my own shop with Portland inspired prints that I sell online on Etsy.

Through my experience at in-house and full service advertising agencies I have developed strong time management skills, great pre-press knowledge and digital marketing skills. With my freelance experience I have developed the ability to strategize in both a team and individual setting to create design and brand solutions.

I specialize in branding, web design, page layout, product packaging, retail displays and visual mapping. I enjoy the way design can communicate and always use it to my advantage to simplify the information at hand. 

In my spare time you can find me kickboxing, trying to keep my plants alive, watching terrible reality television or pretending I'm an interior decorator.

I am looking to make connections, develop brands, create projects I'm proud of and bring creative insights to the design market. 

So don't be shy, let's get in touch.