Briana Romancier
Brand Marketing Manager
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Headlands Collateral

Headlands Collateral

collateral, signage and on-site material design

With their grand opening in sight, we created all of the on-site materials necessary to open a lodge worthy of it’s surroundings. With every path you take through the lodge, we wanted to have special moments for the guest to experience the Headlands voice and brand. The Headlands tagline of “Head out. Stay in.” became our clear guide to creation, we embraced natural elements and color palettes and made sure to invite the guest into each space to discover it at their own pace. From an elaborate, metal flocked front desk to custom bike license plates and hallway wallpaper explaining the inspiration behind our logo to our custom Pendleton collaboration blanket, Headlands was created with every detail in mind.

Contributions: concepting, branding, art direction, package design, collateral design, material design & project manage 

Coates Kokes Team: Jeanie Coates, CEO, Shelby Oppel Wood, Copywriter


Photos by Chapin Hemmingway and Tim Jacks

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Photos by Tim Jacks

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