Pelican Brewing Company

Brewery Website, Pelican Online Shop & Digital Materials

After developing all of their print, packaging and collateral materials we turned our attention the their online presence. Needing the same tone and personality as their physical pieces, we started from scratch on their website to mimic the new branding. Using Wordpress, we developed a multi-faceted site that showcased the story and origins of Pelican beloved by their audience, but also created a hub for upcoming events, current beers, location details and press releases. From there, we expanded to create a much-needed shop, using Shopify, to be able sell their Pelican swag to reach all their fans across the country. We also created ways to purchase event tickets, pre-order beer, and give exclusive access to sales reps for wholesale-only products, allowing the shopping site to encompass all of Pelican's retail needs. For these projects, it was my task to design these layouts from scratch, work with the developer to perfect layouts and make sure they were interactive and mobile-friendly, update content, work with their apparel distributors to coordinate efforts and fine-tune apparel designs, art direct photoshoots and ultimately make sure the visual voice of the brand was represented. 

We also tackled their print presence, which you can see here.

Contributions: concepting, branding, digital graphics, web design, content development & online shop

Coates Kokes Team: Jeanie Coates, CEO & Tony Vanderzanden, Digital Strategist

Photos by: Chapin Hemmingway, Tim Jacks & Nick Carnera