Pelican Brewing Company

Brewery Branding, Beer Package Design & Collateral Material

Pelican Brewing Company had a 20 year brand that needed a little refresh to keep up with their rising popularity. We tackled the challenge of uniting the people of Pelican to create one vision for the future of the brand. We created a brand strategy encompassed around the new manifesto, that helped narrow us in on the rest of the brand positioning. With a new direction, came a whole new logo, graphics system, and language. But, the fun came in implementation, especially when Pelican passed along the task of some new packaging. I created a design system that allowed their beer to pop off the craft beer shelves but also be created in record-time whenever spontaneous inspiration struck the brewmaster. I redesigned all of the 12 oz labels, 22 oz labels, keg collars, tap stickers, hot sheets, 6-packs, Mother cartons, 12-packs, 24-packs, 22oz cartons, and all the POS materials that go along with it. Pelican also has some legendary beachfront brewpubs that needed a face lift, and with that came restaurant signage, menus/forms/stationary, promotional signage, special event materials needed by the pubs or sales team, apparel and even vehicle wraps. It was my task to see these projects through from start to finish, work with vendors to get materials produced, art direct, plan and manage photoshoots, and alltogether be the visual voice of the brand. As the #9 brewery in Oregon, 400+ awards under their belt, 25,000 barrels produced each year, and an average growth rate of 65% each quarter since the refresh, you could say they've kept me pretty busy. 

We also tackled their online presence, which you can see here.

Contributions: concepting, brand design, art direction, package design, collateral design, material design & project manage 

Coates Kokes Team: Jeanie Coates, CEO, Chapin Hemmingway, Photographer/Videographer & TIm Jacks, Photographer/Video Editor

Photos by: Chapin Hemmingway, Tim Jacks & Nick Carnera


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