Briana Romancier
Brand Marketing Manager

Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride Road Trip

Road Trip Event Campaign Kit

This trip around the country stops in every state along the way. Participants are invited to join in for any or all of the tour from Miami to Seattle, or customize it along the way and make it work best for your schedule. When visiting the Enjoy the Ride website, those interested can sign up to receive a box that provides more information and take with you along the way. In the box, a detailed itinerary is included that folds out into a map while the postcard collection is used to send home or invite friends to join at segmented points along the trip. A booklet is also provided to encourage the participation in a daily photo challenge specific to each stop on the road, and stickers, pins and a t-shirt are included to get you in the spirit. 

Contributions: concept, design & branding

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